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ADA Rotterdam - Area for Debate and Art

The public activities find their origin in the diverse art practices of ADA's members and the events are individually organized. These activities are envisioned as a way to set up a space for people to meet, share thoughts and learn from each other. A common philosophy of the members of ADA is the simple belief in the value of specifically framed human encounters as artistically meaningful and valuable sites where new knowledge can be activated and allowed into being. It naturally follows that public and semi-public projects are an important aspect of ADA’s activities. ADA’s public program currently comprises of several projects. You can use the links on the right to find out more about each project.

Cinema Sunset is a monthly screening program of films selected and introduced by guests, who often talk about their choices in relation to the film/s importance and influence to their own art practice, interests and specific art works.

The Open Office for Words is a thematic reference library hosting talks, lectures, artist’s presentations and discussions within a cross-disciplinary framework. Speakers are invited from around the world and attend either in person or via skype. The sessions are podcast.

P for Performance (Everyday Exercising) invites and hosts one-to-one, on-site, studio-based performances by artists. These performative events aim to be an open platform for investigation, where one might take various roles – as a performer, participant or spectator.

Zicht op Zalmhaven is a single-table restaurant, to which guests are invited for a three-course-meal and an interdisciplinary conversation. The invitees are working in the fields of art, philosophy, social science, cultural theory and history. The content of the conversations are available for download as PDF documents.

When the occasion arises ADA organises excursions to see exhibitions, biennials and other sites outside of Rotterdam.

ADA also organises events as a group, where the coming together of space, attending audience, ADA participants and the event programme can function as a starting point for investigation on various topics. So far these topics have included ideas related to hospitality, as in ADA’s Teaparty (2009), and display, as in the Wintergarden project (2009/2010).

Besides its own public program, ADA functions as a platform and a host to projects and events initiated by people outside of its core group. ADA welcomes proposals throughout the year. You can send your ideas and proposals to: [javascript protected email address]