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ADA Rotterdam - Area for Debate and Art

A project organized by Deirdre M. Donoghue

The Open Office For Words is a cross-disciplinary, thematic reference library, that hosts talks, lectures, research presentations and discussions within a cross-disciplinary framework. Speakers from around the world are invited to talk about their work, specialized area of expertise or research interests and methodologies in relation to the month’s theme. The speakers can attend either in person or via skype and the sessions are podcast and made available at iTunes library and Vimeo.

The premise of The Open Office for Words is to function as a momentary culmination and dissemination of knowledge made possible by the collective act of sharing once texts, whether part of a literary or theoretical tradition, or indeed texts in the larger sense of the word; including any work whether visual or written. However, the aspect of recorded and archived talks has become a prominent element.

The intention of The Open Office for Words is to facilitate the pooling together of resources in a friendly, semi-intimate space and to create a situation which will allow for chance meetings and conversations between people across different disciplines interested in similar subjects, as well as quiet reading.

Bibliographies are assembled from the material present at each Office. Podcasts of the Open Office are available here.

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