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Sunday 24 March 2013. Part of Guest Presentations.

On Sunday the 24th of March, ADA hosted the open reading This Book is a Classroom. The afternoon was based on the publication We would like to learn and are working on a book& edited by Lucie Kolb, Romy Rüegger, HIT Studio Berlin and Passenger Books.

The publication asks questions about the conditions, politics, performativities and intersubjectivities of knowledge production in the art world. The publication is a continuation of a series of lectures, lecture performances and seminars that Lucie Kolb and Romy Rüegger have been organizing in the framework of With With since 2009 in Zürich.

For the reading in ADA we invited a small group of interdisciplinary readers to respond to four chapters of the book that reflect on forms of education, knowledge exchange and self-organised structures that support it. The responses could take any form such as writing, visual, performance, etc. Through these contributions our aim was to ‘re-read’ the publication and discuss its content and associated thoughts.

Below you can see the four chapters that were discussed. Some of the responses can be read and viewed below under the heading 'related files.

1. This Classroom is a Classroom is a Book is a Classroom is a Classroom, for free without an end& A Conversation by Eva Egermann & Elke Krasny.
Responders: Lucy Cotter (course director, MA research, Den Haag), Liesbeth Bik (artist) and Maja Bekan (artist)

2. Let The Buyer Beware by Robin Simpson
Responders: Eric Martijn (artist), Vivian Sky Rehberg (course director, MA fine arts PZI), Marthe van Dessel (graphic designer)

3.The School’s Embrace by Irina Dumitrescu
Responders: Tanja Boudoin (curator If I can’t dance &), Sjoerd Westbroek (artist) and Lucie Kolb (artist)

4. Props: balancing legs, extended paint roller, a building by Maaike Gouwenberg.
Responders: Marnie Slater (artist), Esmé Valk (artist), Romy Rüegger (artist), Mercedes Azpilicueta (artist)

Related Files

Response to Maaike Gouwenberg by Marnie Slater
Response to Maaike Gouwenberg by Mercedes Azpilicueta
Response to Irina Dumitrescu by Sjoerd Westbroek
Response to Irina Dumitrescu by Tanja Baudoin
Response to Eva Egermann & Elke Krasny by Maja Bekan