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Wednesday 28 March 2012. Part of ADA's Cabinet.

For a period of 6 weeks ADA was invited by independent curator Angela Serino to take part in a weekly series of discussions and events in Kunsthuis SYB as part of her project On residency: an (in)visible production of A.I.R. programmes.
In the format of a reading group ADA together with artist initiative The Living Room(s), artist Elsbeth Ciesluk and the art historian Suzie Hermán, investigated the roles a residency can play in artistic production. Questions that formed the core of the discussions were:
Why do artists choose to take part in a residency? In what ways do the structure of a residency differ from other existing supporting structures for artists, such as the gallery, the project space, the academy or the studio? How can a residency contribute to the development of artists today?

Texts that were discussed were:
Exhaustion and Exuberance, Ways to Defy the Pressure to Perform, by Jan Verwoert
The Good of Work, by Liam Gillick
Heroes of reluctance, on hesitation as an active act, interview with Joseph Vogl by Maaike Lauwert
Minimum Presence, by Dieter Lesage
The Body’s Contagious Memory, Lygia Clark’s Return to the Museum, Suely Rolnik

During the 6 weeks period Serino invited the Italian artist Paula Anziché to build her installation ‘Spaziando’, together with guests and visitors of Kunsthuis SYB. ‘Spaziando’ formed a large and complex net of Lycra in which, during the programme, participants could move and nest themselves, as if it were a collective body. Through this collective, physical interaction with the work, ‘Spaziando’ created an environment in which new thoughts and ideas can be developed and exchanged.