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P for Performance is pleased to announce and host the tenth performative event: Balkony Ceremony by Ania Okrasko.

Ania Okrasko is a Polish artist who recently moved to Rotterdam in order to attend a Fine Arts Master Programme at Piet Zwart Institue. Currently, Ania is developing a project from her interests in the subject of community. The artist’s ideas have grown from her investigation of Rotterdam’s history, the city’s public spaces and its population.

As Ania enters the city, she proposes a ceremony of welcome. She sends an invitation for citizens of Rotterdam to participate in an unconventional and extraordinary welcoming celebration. People are invited to attend this public event on their private balconies.

Ania stresses the almost mythical character of her idea while it is at the same time actually openly publicized. Whether the ceremony takes place or not depends entirely on the citizens’ willingness to participate in the ceremony.

The event at ADA, hosted by P for Performance, offers another opportunity to announce the ceremony of welcome, planned for April the 10th 2010, and giving it more publicity.

Everybody is very welcome!

P for Performance is part of an ongoing project by Maja Bekan, entitled Secret Powers for Identity, Security and Self-respect in Troubling Times. The aim of these performance events is to try to critically engage with the investigation of the artist’s role as a producer and advertiser. The project Balkony Ceremony is supported by Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam, Dienst Kunst en Cultuur & ADA Rotterdam.

Practical Information:
Sunday 28 March 2010 | 15:00 - 17:00
ADA project space, Bree 93B, Rotterdam
email: [javascript protected email address]
tel: 06-28266857

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